Let's Git Some Guinness In Us

Let’s Git Some Guinness In Us
©2010 Bennett Neuhauser. All rights reserved. Bennett Neuhauser is a.k.a. Ben Sage


A whale got stranded on the beach / On Erin’s eastern shore
On account of she was seasick / Like she’d never been before
So, the lads o’ good old Dublin town / Tried with all their might
To roll her back on out to sea / From morning into night

They pushed till they could push no more / And fell down, lookin’ pale
Until Old Arthur happened by / With a barrel full of ale
Come now boys, and have a draught / Come on, ye saints and sinners
One pint of ale will give you strength / And then yer job you’ll finish


Let’s git some Guinness In Us, boys
Let’s git some Guinness In Us
Then we’ll know the sweetest joys
That life could every spin us

We’ll be so mighty and so bold
No man shall stand agin us
We’ll knock the world on its ear
If we git some Guinness in us!
Let’s git some Guinness in us!

And sure enough, took but a pint / Before they felt revived
And every man among ‘em / Found the strength of fifty-five
They gave the whale a little shove / And off she went a swimmin’
Then the boys of Dublin Town / Went off to find their women


Now let this story teach you well / And you kin never fail (So you will never fail)
And never under estimate / The power of the ale
The one they brew Dublin Town / By the name of Guinness Stout
Join me men in this refrain / And don’t hesitate to shout