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For those who appreciate poetry, essays, lyrics and short stories, here are a few of my own musings for your reading enjoyment.Thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you. Ben Sage Neuhauser

All content ©1984-2017 Bennett Neuhauser, a.k.a. Ben Sage


A curtain rustles

My eyes glide swiftly

The dust settles upon a silhouette

Framed in gold vapor

Breathing on the window pane.

The blackness changes form
She shakes those falling tresses

Satin brown, deep earth brown

Quiet brown

With cracks of screaming



I've heard children laughing

In her eyes.

Shirt-sleeve dirty tan

Swimming in a shimmering green pools.

They cool youthful longings

They dissolve my worried brow.

Are you an angel?

You are not smiling

Don't be sad

The spheres of Heaven turn

At your command

Birds take a wing

The sea falls silent.

Let me walk with you a while

Raven maiden
Sunrise moment

Falling star



A poem for myself and all of our selves

© 1999-2002 Bennett Neuhauser -- All rights reserved.


Hey you American angel,

You pupal stage angel, cocooned in your darkness,

Dreaming of spreading your wings

When did you last smell the prairie sage

Or taste the tang of the iron rail?


Hey you American angel,

You who once knew no

Yield signs, hyphens or commas,

Bald spots or gum on your shoes

Just how did you lose your perpetual motion?


Hey you American angel,

You who’ve wandered down alleys with beer on your breath

And humped behind bricks and wallpapered walls,

And sat up at midnight ’til two in the morning

Worrying about taxes or the spot on your tie,

Where is the army you raised in your youth,

That commanded the backyard

And half of the porch?


Why are you suspended like a frog in a jar, just barely breathing,

Groping in vain at the walls of your world,

Longing for it to be shattered?

Can’t you still sing? Can’t you still dance?

Can’t you still talk to a tree?

Your button-down shirt would make a heck of kite.

Your button-down brain could fly out the window.

There’s nothing so sad as a dried up stream.

Hey you American Angel,

You with sweet breath and wind in your hair,

What do you think you will find in the want ads?

What do you want so bad that it hurts?

Why don’t you take a long drive to the ocean

And smile at the seagulls who beg you for food?

Remember the dolphins, moving swift through the waves

That rose up all frothy, green and transparent?

Where do you think the dolphins were going,

Fleeting like memories that flash through your mind?

Maybe they called you, but you didn’t answer,

Never heard the phone ringing, never tuned in the sound.


Hey you American angel,

You who’ve been dragged through the mud with the sheep.

You’ve drunk cappuccino and shared your self-help books

And carved out your niche like Cro-Magnon man.

Isn’t it time you took a vacation?

Isn’t it time you looked back in wonder?

Time you laid in the grass and dozed on a cloud.


Oh, you beautiful,




Who could persuade you to shine like the sun?      



Here's a set of satirical lyrics I wrote several months ago, and which I will soon be recording and disbrituting as a new single. I'm publishing them now because they seem to fit well with the sentiment of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which I think is just the beginning of some much needed change in the USA.

I usually strive to keep my messages positive, and I'm sure not everyone On Wall Street is a crook, but some people there have been responsible for some truly epic mistakes that were fostered by pure greed, and sometimes you have be a little harsh to make a point.

And my point is, it's time that the parties directly responsible for our nationwide ecomonic meltdown be asked to take responsiblity for their actions. So feel free to sing along with me. It might make you feel better. Telling the truth usually does.

On Wall Street

Lyrics ©2010 Bennett Neuhauser. All rights reserved.

Bennett Neuhauser is a.k.a. Ben Sage

(To be sung to the tune of On Broadway)


They say the bankers are so bright on Wall Street (On Wall Street)

They told the Congress so themselves, I heard (On Wall Street)

But when you’re hustling for some cash

Cause your portfolio is trashed

And they’re to blame, it’s hard to take their word (On Wall Street)


They say they want your trust again on Wall Street (On Wall Street)

And every day, another sucker’s born (On Wall Steet)

You’ve moved in with your relatives

‘Cause they gambled on derivatives

While the SEC was busy watching porn (On Wall Street)


They say that we should all relax on Wall Street (On Wall Street)

It’s only money, especially if it’s yours (On Wall Street)

They’re playing with your life and times

While you’d be glad for one thin dime

‘Cause one thin dime is worth more than those whores (On Wall Street)




[More coming soon.]

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