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Dream Sub Comics titles include The Last Troubadour, Alloy, and The Dream Submarine. All are the products of the inventive mind of Bennett Neuhauser, a.k.a. Americana singer-songwriter Ben Sage.

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The World's First
Singing Super Hero

Hear about the exciting first issue of The Last Troubadour in this interview of Bennett Neuhauser by Roger Ash, Editor the of Westfield Comics blog and catalog:




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The Last Troubadour #2 is in the works! I'm about half-way finished with the interior art of issue 2. Thanks for your patience everyone. The new cover is completed. It's done by an exciting new artist from Ireland and will be revealed at the time of publication. But check out our Preview Art page to get a taste for what's on the way!

The Darkness. The Light.
And the Power of Music!

Jake Fountain is a college age Working Class Joe who has natural musical talent and aspires to be a successful singer songwriter. His everyday life, however, is falling to pieces, until one fateful day when he let to find a mystical grove in the stand of timber near his home in northern Wisconsin. There he meets up with Walter, appointed representative of The Trustees, a group of spiritual beings from down through the ages, who inform Jake, much to his bewilderment and chagrin, he has been chosen to be “The Last Troubadour” – a bard with a mission to right wrongs through rhymes and songs. 

The Trustees give him a magical lute that can transfix listeners as did the mythical lyre of Orpheus. The lute also endows him with variety of powers outside the normal realm of sound and physics, each of which is triggered by strumming a pertinent, if somewhat obscure, musical chord.  The power Jake uses to his advantage most often is teleportation, which gets him into and out of any number tight jams. The lute’s teleportation sound, “Woink!”
TM  will soon rank with “Thwip” and “Snik” as one of the classic comic book character signature sound effects.

Jake’s primary antagonist is
Mentone, a moody self-absorbed, violence-prone heavy metal head banger who sneers at the idea that music has any other purpose than to help him get laid and gain power, money, and fame.

Mentone has a girlfriend named
Katherine who is devoted to him at first but slowly becomes disenchanted with him and frightened of his new-found indulgence in the occult. When the Last Troubadour makes his public debut by disrupting a major concert appearance for Mentone, she is outraged at first. But, she begins to realize that maybe the Last Troubadour, with his disarming wit and hopeful world view, might provide the only way to save Mentone from himself, and Katherine in the bargain. Look for musical tie-ins from Cool Dove Records between Jake Fountain and Ben Sage coming your way.

He's The Last Troubadour - Righting Wrongs with Rhymes and Songs!

The Amphibious Armored Adventurer

Alloy is the Dream Sub Comic Universe’s premier armored superhero. His real name is Flint McLean, a metallurgical engineering wünderkind who became wealthy diving ancient wrecks for lost treasure. It was during one of his explorations while testing the suit that he chanced upon a meteorite that feel to Earth in pre-historic times, in an area that is now underwater, in the south Atlantic Ocean, composed of the rare metal used in the construction of his lightweight, flexible Alloy suit of armor, which allows him to  withstand the pressures of great depths heretofore inaccessible without a diving bell or submarine.

Flint dubbed this previously unknown, extraterrestrial metal ArthuriumTM, because the ancient esoteric texts that are his hobby to collect and study (while he’s not exploring, diving and otherwise saving the world) indicate it might be the same type of metal used in forging King Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur. 

Flint has a taste for fine wine, gourmet food and exotic women, not necessarily in that order. His sidekick is a mechanic named
Barney Jablonski whom Flint has affectionately dubbed Tin Can, because Barney, in an attempt to emulate Flint’s spectacular Alloy armor welded together some cast-iron armor of his own that is very low tech and extremely bulky. In fact, nobody without the ox-like strength of the burly Barney could maneuver in it at all.

Ironically, it is Barney – regardless whether he is in his Tin Can guise – who serves as Flint’s “shadow” on dangerous missions, using brute strength to pull his friend’s fat from the fire on more occasions than Flint would care to admit. 

Alloy’s antagonists (who are not necessarily all enemies, at least not all the time) include:
Copperhead (the Southwest Native American armored superhero/villain). Iron Jack, BrickYard, Golden Boy, The Cosniks, and his arch-nemesis, the superpowered henchman of the mysterious Gorge Corporation, Fattalion.

Flint’s love interests are many, but his main one is marine biologist
Marina Carlyle, an auburn-haired, peach-complexioned beauty, with blazing green eyes and fiery disposition. She’s the only person capable rendering the suave globe-trotting superhero a babbling idiot. She’s susceptible to his charms, but only when it suits her fancy.


Will Sommers is a normal kid at a normal public high school with a somewhat normal girlfriend, Judy. But one night, in a dream – which is not really a dream – he is visited by an old-time sea captain in his strange and wondrous Dream Submarine, which transports Will to all sorts of places and into all sorts of adventures.

Right now, this title takes a freewheeling outlook that is open to taking new directions. It’s about an ordinary teenage boy in an extraordinary setting. It swings between the slice-of-life angst-ridden-yet-fun-in-a-goofball-kind-of-way existence of Will’s waking world, and the adventurous, mysterious, bizarre world of his dreams.

There is more to Will’s dreams than meets the eye, of course, and the interaction between the waking world and his dream life, as well as the direction his dream life takes on its own, forms the long-term story arc of the series. It will also be the catalyst that links the three comic titles, as Will’s dream life ties into spiritual elements of the Last Troubadour, and his waking life will have the superhero world of Alloy on its periphery.

As often as possible, Will’s dreams will be based, in part at least, on actual dreams I have had, of which I have kept a log for years. One of the goals artistically will be to capture that indefinite, sometimes disjointed atmosphere of real dreams as closely as possible.

Jake Fountain, The Last Troubadour, Mentone, Alloy, FIInt McLean, Barney Jablonski, Tin Can, Copperhead, Marina Carlysle, Fatallion, Will Sommers, Judy and the Dream Submarine, and all other content, characters, stories, and artwork contained herein, and the entire Dream Sub Comics universe and Gee Whiz Comics Universe are ©1984-2012 Bennett Neuhauser. All rights reserved. Dream Sub Comics is division of SunSpring Enterprises, Inc., 707 N. Edgelawn Drive, Aurora, IL 60506.

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